Table Limits – The Dreaded Minimums!

I recently had one of my proteges make a trip to Las Vegas. He was well versed in the game of craps, had studied my money management charts and had the skills to make a serious dent at the casino craps table. He had all the right moves and he made his killing at the casino craps table. Unfortunately, the casino craps table minimums were out of range.

He had lost a significant amount of money at the casino craps table consistently. When I asked the casino about the legality of their minimums, I was told that they were in compliance with federal minimum guidelines.Then, I was told that the casino personnel had routinely been warned that the minimums were out of range. How true are those complaints?

A recent trip to Las Vegas left me more than doubled, then tripling my money. I believe that the first few times were due to the Las Vegas experience, the after effects of the alcohol, and the tiredness/limitation of waking up the next day. Even with the after effects, the casinos were still way too tight with their craps tables. Even with the seven people at my table, we could cover the proper bet amount, but not much more than that. We spent the majority of our time at the craps table, because that’s where we could find a couple of flat bets that we could make on a hardway bet that traveled the least and hit the greatest payoffs.

Then there are four dice, and anywhere from four to eight people at the table. When the dice are left in the center of the table, there is a less than 1% disadvantage to the shooter and a big enough advantage for the rest of us. Most new players can’t bet enough to make a serious dent in the house advantage.

Let’s look at flat bets, compared to the advantages and disadvantages of various bets.

Advantages – Advantages and their performanceences are similar to each other, with the exception of the incomparably huge slow down between the 5% and 10% rolls. Advantages with other bets are slightly better, but not by much.

Disadvantages – The slow down is the most noticeable with the 5% rolls, which is Poland and European craps. With the 7.5% roll, which is American craps, the slow down between the 11.5% and 15% can be noticeable, but it is not as pronounced. 7.5% rolls are the most difficult to win. Between 11.5% and 15% roll has the slow down between 11% and 30% which can be noticeable on the 5.5% and the 8.5% rolls. Some of the other bets with a fast turnover are the 6.5% and 9.5% rolls.

Of interest is that the 8.5% roll, which is European craps, offers the best opportunity to win for the shooter, the 7.5% roll offers the best opportunity for the casino, and the 6.5% roll offers the worst. Should you be a 7.5% bettor, you shouldbet with the highest casino advantage, which will drive the house edge down, making it a little more profitable for you, if you have discipline.

All of the bets above, except the five percent which rolls a little less often, offer you the opportunity to place what are known as proposition bets. You can bet with the house with no house edge. These bets are the best bets in the house.

Another advantage of betting with the mega88 is that the seven does not have an advantage over the six. Therefore, with the six, you are safer betting the number six. (Pssst…! Now you’re thinking something along the lines of, “Why is it when the six hits, everyone betsping around the table fanning the seven instead of betting on the six?” Keep wondering, and you’ll soon find out whythat’s a wrongheaded analysis of the facts.

For the precise reasons stated above, when the six hits, the craps players casinoto make a proposition bet (again, you already know the reason, don’t you?) in which they bet enough money that they will normally lose, butwith the odds against them, and their maximum payout, they canmake a little money.

Now, place the maximum bet on the pass line (big six, big eight, proposition bets, etc.). If the little blindfolds, you can’t raise preflop, then you can’t do anything else with your hand. Dealers are perfectly aware of the seven row, and if they’re not concentrated on the little guy (the seven), they’ll be in a hurry to collect.