Las Vegas “Whales”

What Las Vegas jargon names “whales” is in fact the creme of the high rollers species. They are a handful of people that in some opinions don’t exceed 500 individuals in the world. Las Vegas hoteliers are nuts about them; some claim four or five of those whales bet much more than the rest of the thousands customers they receive daily. No wonder they are suspected of going as far as selling their first born child to get one of those whales into their gaming area. Five tips to recognise a whale

  • the size of the bet, typically in thousands of dollars
  • the timing of the bet, particularly when the bet is done in live games
  • the amount of money given to the whale
  • the length of time the whale is allowed inside the casino

A few pointers on how to beat a whale

  • the best form of fighting the whales is to accept their money
  • they like to pick games that require minimum bets, usually 5 times as much as the highest bet
  • they will often pick games that are running low in terms of payouts, creating better odds
  • avoid the waves of feeling like you are going to win, and instead becomes a little impatient. When you are at a rebuild the wave of confidence.
  • they like to go to the gaming area with the biggest payout, so if you doubt them going to the highest payout area they are most likely going to go to the area that allows the biggest bonus.
  • going to the area does not guarantee them a win, and the longer a whale stays in the area, the more odds that they are going to lose. In the meantime if they have lost they will most likely try to get the money back in the area.
  • never give money to whales, but if you know going to the gaming area is your only chance to talk to them, and they seem to be in the wrong place, and you have to bet big bucks, you might to try them out
  • they have a very strong desire to win big bucks
  • they have a very strong desire to win back money from the losses
  • they will gamble more money on gambling to get the win
  • and last but not least, they love you for a while, then wish you would die with them.

An anonymous online source had this to say about spotting a whale:

“they stay in the same spot for hours, never moving.”

If you spot a whale, keep this observation in mind, and keep related information in mind, and you may be able to avoid a situation like mine, and others who have had to step in to help sort out a situation that would turn nasty. Just remember that every online gaming hall offers the same games, the same ways to earn rewards, and the same way to lose hands.

If you do spot a whale, and you proceed to confront them, just take them to the floor and break their concentration. Offer them a drink, and remind them of your generous offer. Keep this confrontation short. They can take themselves out of the situation quickly, and without much resistance.

Now that you have spotted a whale, you are in luck! You see, the real secret to beating the whales is the same secret that you are looking for when you try to spot a stock market bubble. The same principle applies here. You want to take advantage of the strong positive past results, and by noticing a trend you will learn more about the future. However, you should not lose hope, as more likely than not, these whales will come right back and repeat their behavior.

So, where can you find a good example of this? The stock market. Did you know that in Nevada you can walk into any casino, and there are people there playing baccarat, blackjack and poker? They are all pros, with solid reputations. This is a place where the average stock holder can still earn a pleasing profit.

Another good place to find sports betting procles is in the Egp88. One of the first bets taken was on the 2000 UEFA Cup. At the time of this article, Chris Moneymaker (who was the prime underdog to win the tournament, later to become Sounder) was the leading punter on the, and that was one good sign. A few months on, online gambling was being written about in the national press, as people bet on the likely outcomes of soccer matches (sometimes even by the way, this is taking into account the “most probable outcomes” which at the time of writing actually read “most unlikely outcomes”). Moneymaker was eventually crowned the new Culture Club king and received a hero’s welcome, which I think was partly responsible for the increase in popularity of online gambling.