Free Online Poker Guide to How to Play a Big Hand Pre-Flop

Whether you play free online poker or for big stakes going on tilt is to have a period of time in which your hands can get bigger (and heads up).

If you have a big hand pre-flop, you generally want to be in position to raise with it. Though, you recognize that some position is required in order to make a raise. Though, you aren’t in position to re-raise, you will simply call to get heads up. If you’re in early position, or on the button, when you have a monster you want to raise, and ultimately win the blinds (all other players don’t realize that the player with the monster has a monster until it’s too late).

Playing out of position with a monster isn’t ideal, as the player in later position may re-raise, and you won’t know where you stand. When you have a monster, you should also try and trap your opponents into thinking that you have it so they don’t want to play with you. In this sense, you ‘reinstate’ your position after a hand in which you think you have the lead, and the player on the button raised (and this was before you got your monster hand).’

Players that think that they have a big hand will often call you pre-flop raises when you are in early position, as they are sometimes unsure of what other players are holding. Think about these hands – a current drawing hand, such as a straight or flush, or one that is otherwise unsized will often wake opponents up in the early position to play more cautiously. In this sense, you are ‘giving’ your hand away to them. Think about what you want your hand to do – in early position, its most likely that you want your opponents to think you are weak, and to be suspicious of your hand. In late position, you want the opposite to happen, that is, you want your opponents to think you are a tight player that plays only premium hands, thus encouraging them to make mistakes.

Your calls pre-flop have more information to give you than raises does. Though, you do want to take control of the hand, and it is a possibility to take the pot down with a bet on the flop.

If you intend to bluff, and your opponents are resistant to calls, you can put out a big bet. Your opponents, thinking they have you pegged, will fold.

This should about 1/2 be the amount of money you estimate you have in the pot at any given time. This is another way ofsetting a psychological image, so you can bet 5xbb on the flop and make your opponents unsure of their next move.

The turn and river are also your for calling, so you can bet again if you feel you have the best hand.

This bluff can be intensified at an additional time when you consider your opponents are infallible and will never be prepared to call you. Just remember that you are in early position and you have made a strong hand that you are good at deception. You might want to finish betting early if you have the monster for the turn card and the river card.

permitting, you will get more calls, resulting in a greater opportunity to bluff than in early position, which is your primary advantage. Hands that are still just out of the possibility can be slow played. This is another strategy to help you in mastering poker. Allow your opponents to dog you and you will get into all of their souls at the end. When you are really sure you can scare everybody off, then you can play them for all their chips and extract as much money as you can from them.

Being in early position is the worst position to be in at the table. You should not play many hands in early position, and call only when you have a premium hand. If others have placed a bet, you should acquit and wait for a better hand. Pre-flop hands in early position are just a mistake, and calling on the flop should be done only rarely. The rest of the time you can play your hand and probably win a fair amount of money, thus giving you the edge on the game. You should call only under the most ideal circumstances.

Calling stations in early position should always be paid out, at least 2-1. The worst thing you can do to them is to give them free cards, because then you’ll have no money to get anything from them again. Do not chase, as this will cost you more money than winning the hand you’re playing.

When you’re in late position, you can call with hands from Ace Ten to Ace Seven, and also Sevens of Hearts, although not many people will play you in Sevens.